PyQt WebEngineView interferes with MainMenu

I'm trying to create an application that contains a web browser within it, but when I add the web browser my menu bar visually disappears but functionally remains in place. The following are two images, one showing the "self.centralWidget(self.web_widget)" commented out, and the other allows that line to run. If you run the example code, you will also see that while visually the entire web page appears as if the menu bar wasn't present, you have to click slightly below each entry field and button in order to activate it, behaving as if the menu bar was in fact present.

Web Widget Commented Out

Web Widget Active

Example Code

Development Environment Windows 10, PyQt5, pyqt5-5.9


The problem doesn't seem to be directly related to the menu bar. Even removing the menu bar the issue still occurs. That said, changing from showMaximized() to showFullScreen() does seem to solve the problem.

I no longer believe this is an issue with PyQt5 specifically but rather a problem with the graphics driver. Specifically, if you look at Atlassian's HipChat application it has a similar problem which is documented here:

Some individuals were able to solve the problem by running the application from the command prompt with the addendum "--disable-gpu" but that didn't work for my python application. On the other hand, rolling back the Intel(R) HD Graphics Driver did solve my problem. Version is the one that seems to be causing problems.






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